About Chris Gage

Chris and Christine at Donn's DepotWelcome to my little corner of blogland. I’m a career musician and producer based in Austin, Texas. I play a little bit of everything with strings….guitar, piano, accordion, dobro, mandolin and more….I sing loud and proud. I’ve played the Royal Albert Hall, Carnegie Hall, I’ve been on Carson, Leno and Conan, I appeared with Roy Clark on Hee Haw over a hundred times, I tour with my incredible life partner Christine (the current Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Recording Academy), I play solo and around town with wonderful friends and I’m ever so happy that I settled in Austin Texas in 1991.

I’m now proud to launch my musicianfoodie blog from beautiful south Austin, Texas, where the rain has cooled the yard from 100 degrees down to about 85, the cats are inside sleeping and the lovely Ms. A has gone off to play her weekly show at El Mercado. As she’s finishing up I’ll jump in the shower and head over to my weekly show at Donn’s Depot, where I’ve sat at an old Yamaha grand piano for the last 18 years singing my heart out. I hope to be interesting at the very least, and share photos and videos from Donn’s Depot, MoonHouse Studio, Albert and Gage shows, backstage with Jerry Jeff Walker….oh, and I’m a darn good cook and a hobby photographer. Recipes and photos will be be a part of the experience. Ciao for now. CG


One comment on “About Chris Gage

  1. Pam Golightly says:

    Wow…I had no idea you were writing a food blog. Very exciting. I can’t wait to see what you cook up!
    I ended up having a little impromptu Moroccan dinner tonight and my contribution was Chicken with Olives over Couscous. I also made Tomatoes, Cucumber with Mint Salad and a Beet w/lemon zest salad. I threw in a peach/blackberry cobbler, which is not the least bit Moroccan, but I needed a last minute dessert and who doesn’t like cobber? Looking forward to reading your entries. Bon appetit…xo

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